Merit lists University of Gujrat 2013

October 03 17:11 2013

Merit lists University of Gujrat 2013 for BS,BA,,BBA,MS and M.Phil.Test has been held on 28th September and first merit list will be displayed at 4th October 2013. uog   >> First Merit List—October 04, 2013 >> Deadline for fee submission for first merit list—October 07, 2013 >> Second merit list—October 11, 2013 >> Deadline for fee submission for second merit list—October 14, 2013 >> Orientation for fresh students in the respective departments—October 16, 2013 Folliwng Program merit list of  UOG will be updated:

School of Art, Design And Architecture

  • Department of Fine Arts
  • Department of Graphic Design
  • Department of Multimedia
  • Department of Product Design
  • Department of Textile/Surface, Home Fashion and Accessory Design

Faculty of Sciences


  • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Zoology


  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics

School of Business and Management Sciences

  • School of Business and Management Sciences
  • Department of Health System Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering


   Merit list 2013 HAS BEEN uploaded  .  

List of Eligible Candidates And Interview Schedule For BS Programs in School of Art, Design And Architecture at UOG

1st Merit Lists

Note :  These merit lists are issued as a notice only, errors and omissions are expected. Any entry appearing therein does not itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of admission. 

Note For selected candidates : Selected candidates need to  bring their original Credentials For Issuance Of Challan Form 

1.   B.Sc Chemical Engineering 

2.   B.Sc Electrical Engineering 

3.   B.Tech Chemical 

4.   B.Tech Electrical 

5.   B.Tech Mechanical 

6.   BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

7.   BS Biotechnology

8.   BS Botany 

9.   M.Sc Botany

10. BS Chemistry  

11. M.Sc Chemistry 

12.  BS Zoology 

13.  M.Sc Zoology 

14.  BS Computer Science 

15.  BS Software Engineering 

16.  BS Computer Science Diploma Reserved Seats 

17.  BS Software Engineering Diploma Reserved Seats 

18.  M.Sc Computer Science

19.  BS Information Technology

20.  BS Information Technology Diploma Reserved Seats  

21.  M.Sc Information Technology

22.  Associate Degree IT Management FJ Campus

23.  Associate Degree IT Management GT Road Campus

24.  BS Computer Science Evening FJ campus

25.  BS Computer Science Evening Diploma Reserved FJ campus

26.  BS Information Technology Evening FJ campus

27.  BS Information Technology Evening Diploma Reserved FJ campus

28.  BS Physics

29.  BS  Environmental Science

30.  BS Mathematics

31.  BS LLB

32.  Associate Degree Paralegal

33.  M.Sc Physics

34.  M.Sc Mathematics

35.  BS International Relations

36.  BS Political Science

37.  Associate Degree Hotel & Restaurant Management

38.  BS English

39.  MA English

40.  BS History

41.  MA History

42.  MA International Relations

43.  MA Political Science

44.  BS Mass Communication and Media

45.  M.Sc Physical Education & Sports Sciences

46.  Bachelor of Business Administration

47.  Masters of Business Administration

48.  Bachelor of Geosciences & Geography

49.  Masters of Geosciences & Geography

50.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening)

51.  Masters of Business Administration (3.5 years Evening)

52.  Masters of Commerce (Evening)

53.  Bachelor of Commerce

54.  Master of Commerce

55.  Bachelor of Textile Design

56.  Bachelor of Product Design

57.  Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts

58.  Bachelor of Fine Arts

59.  Bachelor of Communication Design

60.  Bachelor of Architecture

61.  Bachelor of Statistics

62.  Masters of Statistics

63.  Bachelor of Economics

64.  Masters of Economics

65.  M.A Mass Communication and Media

66.  Associate Degree in Textile Design

67.  BS Sociology

68.  MA Sociology

69.  Bachelor in Education (B.Ed)

70.  MA Education

71.  Associate Degree Education


2nd Merit Lists

1.    B.Tech Chemical Engineering

2.    B.Tech Electrical Engineering

3.    B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

4.    B.Sc Chemical Engineering

5.    B.Sc Electrical Engineering

6.    Bachelor of Business Administration

7.    Masters of Business Administration

8.    Bachelor of Commerce 

9.    Masters of Commerce

10.  BS Mathematics

11.  M.Sc Mathematics 

12.  BS Botnay

13.  M.Sc Botnay 

14.  BS Zoology

15.  M.Sc Zoology

16.  BS Chemistry

17.  M.Sc Chemistry

18.  BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

19.  BS Biotechnology

20.  BS Physics

21.  M.Sc Physics

22.  BS Information Technology

23.  BS Information Technology Diploma Reserved

24.  M.Sc Information Technology

25.  Associate Degree  IT Management FJ Campus

26.  Associate Degree  IT Management GT Campus

27.  BS Computer Science

28.  BS Computer Science Diploma Reserved

29.  BS Software Engineering

30.  BS Software Engineering Diploma Reserved

31.  M.Sc Computer Science

32.  BS International Relations

33.  BS Political Science 

34.  BS History

35.  BS LLB

36.  Associate Degree  Paralegal

37.  Bachelor of Product Design

38.  Bachelor of Architecture

39.  Bachelor of Design

40.  Bachelor of Fine Art

41.  Bachelor of Textile Design

42.  BS Sociology

43.  M.A Sociology

44.  BS Computer Science FJ campus

45.  BS Information Technology FJ campus

46.  MA International Relations

47.  MA Political Science 

48.  BS Psychology

49.  M.Sc Psychology 

50.  BS Economics

51.  MA Economics

52.  BS Environment Sciences

53.  BS Mass Communication and Media

54.  MA Mass Communication and Media

55.  BS English

56.  M.A English


3rd Merit Lists

1.   B.Sc Chemical Engineering 

2.   B.Sc Electrical Engineering 

3.   B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

4.   B.Tech Electrical Engineering

5.   BS LLB

6.   BS LLB Disable Reserved

7.   Associate Degree Paralegal 

8.   BS Zoology

9.   M.Sc Zoology

10. Bachelor of Business Administration

11. Masters of Business Administration

12. BS Chemistry

13. M.Sc Chemistry

14. BS Mathematics

15. BS Physics

16. M.Sc Physics

17. M.Sc Mathematics

18. BS Biochemistry

19. BS Biotechnology

20. BS Information Technology

21. BS Information Technology Diploma Reserved

22. Associate Degree IT Management FJ Campus

23. M.SC Information Technology

24. BS Computer Science

25. BS Software Engineering

26. BS Computer Science Diploma Reserved

27. M.Sc Computer Science

28. BS Environment Sciences


4th Merit Lists

1.  B.Tech Electrical Engineering

2.  B.Sc Electrical Engineering

3.  B.Sc Chemical Engineering

4.  B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


5th Merit Lists


1.  B.Tech Electrical Engineering

2.  B.Sc Electrical Engineering

3.  B.Sc Chemical Engineering

4.  B.Tech Mechanical Engineering




Eligible Candidates For Interview MS/MPhil Admissions

Eligible Candidates For Interview


1. MS/MPhil Botany

2. MS/MPhil Biochemistry

3. MS/MPhil Biotechnology

4. MS/MPhil Chemistry

5. MS/MPhil Environmental Sciences

6. MS/MPhil Geography

7. MS/MPhil Mathematics

8. MS/MPhil Physics

9. MS/MPhil Zoology

  Notice: Those candidates who are not selected in interview in their respective discipline of SADA can submit an application to get admission in Ceramics Design. All the applicants will submit their applications in the admin office SADA (P103) Their interview regarding Ceramics Design will be held later.   For further details please contact: 03217778227 03338475086ew layer…


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  1. saria kanwal
    October 04, 05:31 #1 saria kanwal

    where is the first merit list of msc computer science

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  2. maryam
    October 04, 06:46 #2 maryam

    kb tk merit list upload ho gi

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  3. noor
    October 04, 08:16 #3 noor

    plz inform me k frst marit list kis time disply ho gi????? plzzzzz

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  4. usman
    October 04, 09:42 #4 usman

    plz tel me merit list kb display ho gi………………..?

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  5. awais
    October 04, 10:33 #5 awais

    when will the 1st merit list be uploaded???

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  6. umer
    October 04, 14:05 #6 umer

    kb lage gi??

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  7. biya
    October 04, 16:21 #7 biya

    oy merit list kadu lani j???????????????????????? allah dy bndyo koi ak date rkhya kro.

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  8. Ammar Mayo
    October 04, 16:49 #8 Ammar Mayo

    electrical engg. ki merit list 2013 aj lgni thi mgr abhi tk nhe lgi.
    agr lg chuki ha to plz reply with link.

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  9. hassan
    October 04, 17:05 #9 hassan

    bstech mechanical ki list kab lgni hai ????

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  10. sundas
    October 05, 05:02 #10 sundas

    plz tell me when will be merit list display for bs hons in physics

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  11. Muhammad Usman
    October 05, 05:03 #11 Muhammad Usman

    merit list to koi bhe nhe show ho rahi..plz agr kisi ko pta hai kesy hoti hai to btao….

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  12. sara
    October 05, 05:19 #12 sara

    merit list kab lagy gi

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  13. amber awais
    October 05, 05:42 #13 amber awais

    inka koi bharosa nae kab upload karenge kyune inhen abi tak yehi conform nae hua ke humne konse department ke admation karne hain uni main or konse nae to merit list ka to phr allah he hafiz hai

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  14. Yasir Mehmood Raja
    October 05, 05:42 #14 Yasir Mehmood Raja

    merit list upload kr bi 2 aye din new date bta daity ho

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  15. sadia
    October 05, 06:02 #15 sadia

    abi tk to he lge

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  16. aitzaz
    October 05, 07:29 #16 aitzaz

    me koi ni lena admision bakwas university vich ,, haje tak merit list ni lai

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  17. Ambreen Khan
    October 05, 07:51 #17 Ambreen Khan

    kya merit list monday ko lagni hy?

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    October 05, 08:13 #18 sadia

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    October 05, 08:15 #19 sadia

    link bta do khan show ho ge

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  20. nadeem
    October 05, 13:08 #20 nadeem

    Fake ADMIn here,,, no merit list is uploaded till now……

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  21. assad
    October 05, 13:11 #21 assad

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  22. aani
    October 05, 14:50 #22 aani

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  23. abrar bukhari
    October 05, 17:52 #23 abrar bukhari

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  24. muddassar
    October 05, 18:08 #24 muddassar

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  25. amber awais
    October 06, 06:06 #25 amber awais

    wait kar lain lag jaye gi abhi univeristy walon ke pas teacherz nae hain wohi manage karne lage hue hain jaise h ho jayen ge lag jaye gi list bhi

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  26. Amina
    October 06, 06:22 #26 Amina

    BS chemistry ke merit list kab lage ge agar lag gai ha to hum kahan se dakhen plz guide me

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  27. awais
    October 06, 06:34 #27 awais

    monday ko laga ge

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  28. Asad
    October 06, 08:36 #28 Asad

    yar abby tak merit lists he nai lag rahe keh rahe the ke 5oct tak lag gay gii

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  29. sundas
    October 07, 05:33 #29 sundas

    plz merit list k baray may kise ko pata hai kia k kb tk dislay karain gay

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  30. saba
    October 07, 07:19 #30 saba ki merit list kb lagy ge

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  31. sadia
    October 07, 07:28 #31 sadia

    plz tell me about merit list of mba

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  32. saria kanwal
    October 07, 08:07 #32 saria kanwal

    plzzzzz tell me merit list kb tk display ho gi???? msc computer science ki

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  33. Hassan Mughal
    October 07, 08:21 #33 Hassan Mughal

    bsc electrical ki merit list kb lgani ha zaalimo,,,,,,,,
    main wait kr kr k pagal ho rahaa hun
    Agr merit list upload ho jaye to braye mehrbani mujhe is number py sms kr dain(aapki mehrbani hogi)

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  34. noor
    October 07, 10:32 #34 noor

    oay kab lagay ge ya merit listt or kitna intezar krna pry ga

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    • madiha
      October 07, 11:23 madiha

      mery khiyal sy merit list next year lagni hai uni walu ka khiyal hai k bachy pher pher k thak gaye one year rest ki zaroort hai iss sal merit hi nai ban rha ham jesy laiqe bachy jo a gaye hai 😛

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  35. madiha
    October 07, 11:35 #35 madiha

    students: intzaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr kab tak hum krain gy bhala …………!!!!
    Merit list: Tujhey jina haiiiiiiiii ab mery bina:p

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  36. sufiyan maqsood
    October 07, 11:48 #36 sufiyan maqsood

    inteha ho gae itezar ki aai na kch khabar meri merit list ki
    it is my oainfyl request plzzz display

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  37. waqar raja
    October 07, 14:48 #37 waqar raja

    umeed hy k aaj display ho jaye gi list………

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  38. sobia aslam
    October 07, 15:26 #38 sobia aslam

    sir bs biotechnology ki merit list kb display ho gi plz raply quickly

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  39. abbas
    October 07, 17:47 #39 abbas

    intzare merit list k ankhen ho ge safeed
    khali list bhj do tahreer ki zrort nhe

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  40. Asghar Ali
    October 07, 19:50 #40 Asghar Ali

    Gujrat University mein Bsc Chemical Engineering ki 1st merit list kab lagy gi? plz bta dein

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  41. saria kanwal
    October 08, 06:16 #41 saria kanwal

    msc computer science ki merit list kb show ho gi????????// plzzz tell me???
    koi student msc computer science ka hy to plzz mje bta den

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  42. saria kanwal
    October 08, 06:22 #42 saria kanwal

    aj to SADA k dept. ki lists show ho gai hen…..hmari kb hn gi???? uni waly bht latka rhy hen

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    October 08, 07:28 #43 PAKIZA NAWAZ

    plzzzzzzzzz bta dein k bs biochemistry ki merit list kahan upload ki hai……………..

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  44. fari ch
    October 08, 07:29 #44 fari ch

    yar chem ki ya zoology ki merit lists kb upload hogi ???????

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  45. fari ch
    October 08, 09:01 #45 fari ch

    yar yahan koi inf de skta ae k nai

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  46. fari ch
    October 08, 09:06 #46 fari ch

    merit list na hogai KO KAAF ka visa hogya jo abi tak mil ni rai

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  47. zafar
    October 08, 09:20 #47 zafar

    yr bs chemistry ki marit list kb lagye gi…??
    agr lag gi hy to khn sa dakh skty hn koi link….??

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  48. arfan.jutt
    October 08, 09:50 #48 arfan.jutt

    Aj list lagni b hai k nai

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  49. malik altamash
    October 08, 09:57 #49 malik altamash

    bs IR ki merit list kaha ha guyzzzzzzzzzzz

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  50. saira butt
    October 08, 11:02 #50 saira butt

    bba ki list ka idea hai kisi ko lgi ya nai n kb tak lga ge?

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  51. Zunaira Ali
    October 08, 11:12 #51 Zunaira Ali

    msc zoology ki list kb upld ho gy

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  52. moaaz
    October 08, 11:36 #52 moaaz

    plxx tell me bscs ki list kb upload ho gi? plz tell mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  53. Rabia Butt
    October 08, 11:38 #53 Rabia Butt

    kb lagni hy merit list?????????????????????????

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  54. mishie
    October 08, 13:37 #54 mishie

    MIT ki merit list kb lagi gi…….

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  55. ayesha javaid
    October 08, 13:45 #55 ayesha javaid

    biotecnology aor zoology ke ni lgi list wo kb lgni hai

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  56. Hussnain125
    October 08, 15:49 #56 Hussnain125


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  57. umer
    October 08, 16:15 #57 umer

    can someone plz tell khe software ka 2nd merit list me kaha tak jae ga????? any guesses

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  58. Farhan Javed
    October 09, 04:19 #58 Farhan Javed

    It is a gentle request to you that please tell me about the merit lists of MBA.3.5 When you have any info. about this, let me know.
    And also send me a mail regarding this.

    Highly thankful to you.

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  59. shoaib
    October 09, 05:45 #59 shoaib

    Economics ki b lga do ???????????????????????

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  60. umer
    October 09, 09:24 #60 umer

    gujrat university without any schedule kam krte ha.4 date the merit list ki 9 ha aj abi tk list hi nae lge

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    • arman
      October 09, 09:59 arman psychology ur geo ki marit list kab lagni han .jaldi btayn

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      • iqra
        October 10, 14:05 iqra

        ma ap say koch pochna chahti hon,maray marks in matric 815/1050, inter main 810/1100,nat test main 50/100. plzz maray numbers ki percentage btain…for aply in uog

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  61. Yasir Mehmood Raja
    October 09, 09:59 #61 Yasir Mehmood Raja

    list ka intzaar akhar kab tak????????????m,com

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  62. arfan.jutt
    October 09, 10:03 #62 arfan.jutt

    msc botany ki second list kab lagni hai?or us ki fees kab submit karni hai?

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  63. rimsha sheikh
    October 09, 12:46 #63 rimsha sheikh

    Bs mass communication ki merit list KB lagni?????

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  64. umair liaqat
    October 09, 16:43 #64 umair liaqat

    b tech ki ist merit list kb lgni ha or uski fees kb jma krwani ha

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  65. amna khurram zaman malik
    October 09, 19:50 #65 amna khurram zaman malik

    BS product design ki list kb lagni hai kb tk fees submit krawani hai??

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  66. mohsan
    October 10, 02:51 #66 mohsan

    piz someone tell me the merit list of bs phy in uog

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  67. abrar chattaha
    October 10, 04:58 #67 abrar chattaha

    chattha kary kovalin rab sidina panda………..

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  68. arman
    October 10, 05:10 #68 arman


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  69. sheza
    October 10, 06:14 #69 sheza

    plzzz bs socialogy or geogrphy ki merit list kab lagni ha btaa do

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  70. raja saad ajaz
    October 10, 08:05 #70 raja saad ajaz ki kab lagay gi

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  71. Asfand Yar
    October 10, 09:15 #71 Asfand Yar

    architecture ki 1st list kb lage gi?

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  72. maria butt
    October 10, 11:34 #72 maria butt

    Sb ki lag gai bs psychology ki bi lgaaa dooo

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  73. abbas
    October 10, 13:00 #73 abbas

    BSS CHEMSTRY fee submission ki

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  74. abbas
    October 10, 14:18 #74 abbas

    bs chemstry ki lst date kia h fee submission ki

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  75. jiya butt
    October 11, 10:03 #75 jiya butt

    sb ki lag gai h koi btao psychology ki kb lgni h………..

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  76. aixha
    October 12, 05:38 #76 aixha

    2nd merit lixt kb lgy gi any one can tell me???????????????????????

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  77. saranasir
    October 12, 10:38 #77 saranasir

    bs sociology ki merit list kb lge gi plz tell me

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  78. arfan.jutt
    October 14, 14:15 #78 arfan.jutt

    second list kab lagni hai??????????/

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  79. Kamran
    October 20, 05:09 #79 Kamran

    latest news: 2nd merit list going to introduce in 22 October 2013.If need any information then contact me my mail address

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  80. Yousaf Mustafa
    October 20, 15:06 #80 Yousaf Mustafa

    yaar koi bta day k bs psychology ki merit list kb lagay gi

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  81. mahrukh
    October 21, 04:11 #81 mahrukh

    2nd merit list kb lagay gi

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  82. sundas
    October 22, 07:48 #82 sundas

    2nd merit list kb display ho ge

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  83. moaaz
    October 22, 15:59 #83 moaaz

    bhai bscs ki 2nd list lgni hy k ni?

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  84. moaaz
    October 22, 16:01 #84 moaaz

    plxxxxxxxxx bhai tell meeeeeeeeeeeee bscs ki list lgni hy kk ni?

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  85. arfan.jutt
    October 23, 05:52 #85 arfan.jutt

    koi to bata do msc ki second list kab lagni bahi???????????

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  86. arfan.jutt
    October 23, 07:53 #86 arfan.jutt

    confirm hai ????/ aj lagy gi?

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  87. somia arshad
    October 23, 08:16 #87 somia arshad

    associate degree in paralegal
    ki 2merit list kb lagni ha plzzz reply

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  88. ayesha
    October 23, 10:39 #88 ayesha

    bs biotecnlgy aor zoology ke 2nd merit list kb lgni hai???????????????

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  89. nafar yaqub
    October 23, 13:10 #89 nafar yaqub

    bs math ke 2nd list kab lagne he

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  90. ateeb
    October 23, 13:15 #90 ateeb

    check karo Ammar Mayo waha per 1st or 2nd lagi hui hai THANKS

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  91. Hussnain125
    October 23, 14:49 #91 Hussnain125

    yar bs cs ki 2nd list lgni b hy ya nai…? =(

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  92. Hira
    October 23, 15:34 #92 Hira

    yar bscs ki 2nd list kb lgni ha yar??

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  93. abdurrehman
    October 23, 17:55 #93 abdurrehman

    BS Chem ki 2nd list lagni b hai k ni?

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  94. hamza sethi
    October 24, 04:14 #94 hamza sethi

    plz btai merit list kb lagni ha 3 din ho ga han nai lag rhi reply quickly…………..

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  95. arooj nazir
    October 24, 10:28 #95 arooj nazir

    bs chemistry ki 2nd list kb lgni hy…iss br 50candidate rukhny hy k 100?

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  96. Yaser Shahzad
    October 24, 14:58 #96 Yaser Shahzad

    3rd merit list bhi lgni hai ya sirf 2 lists hi lgy ghi bas

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  97. Hani sahi
    October 26, 04:56 #97 Hani sahi

    3rd merit list kb lgy gi gyesss..

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  98. khalid farooq
    October 26, 11:08 #98 khalid farooq

    bsc electrical r chemical engineering ki 3rd list kb upload hogi

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  99. danish ch
    October 27, 13:10 #99 danish ch

    BS IT ki list kab announce ho gi?

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  100. ayesha boota
    October 28, 04:30 #100 ayesha boota

    bs honrs ki 3rd merit list kb lagy go

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  101. taiyyba
    October 30, 05:50 #101 taiyyba

    bs zology ke 3rd list kb lgni hai???lgni b hai k ni???

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  102. noname
    October 30, 08:40 #102 noname

    plz anyone tell me ms economics ki classes kb sy start hn ????

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  103. arzu
    October 30, 10:35 #103 arzu

    kaya bs english and physology ki 3rd list lgy gi

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  104. Farhan Azmat
    November 06, 06:05 #104 Farhan Azmat

    cs ki 4 merit list kb lagy ge

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  105. iqra
    November 08, 15:47 #105 iqra

    geosciences and geography ki 2 list kb lgni hai or kon se page pr upload ho gi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me………………………………………….

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  106. fazia
    October 14, 09:57 #106 fazia

    bba ki merit list kb lgy gi pllzzzz bta do

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  107. sam
    October 30, 09:37 #107 sam

    msc ki 3rd merit list kab lagy gi 2015 chemistry botany zoology

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