World’s poorest president Jose Mujica


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Everywhere we listen about the corruption of politician,parliamentarian and More important president and Prime minister of many countries.They always busy to full their bank account from public money.Mostly politicians involve in corruption.Every 3rd politician out of 5 is involved in this dirty work.Even they took money from their countries and try to put this illigal money to others countries bank to save from allegation.

But you naver listen about a person who is president a country who took pay  from their country and out of this salary  he gave 90 percent to charity work.Yes,This is president of Uruguay,his name is Jose Mujica.He is famous as world’s poorest president.World’s poorest president took 12,500 $ from their country as president and out of this salary he kept only 1250 $ for his livelihood.Remaining money is used in charity works.

Jose Mujica is 76 years old man.He and his wife living in Raw house.He become president in 2010.Before it,he was agricultural minister.

World’s poorest president Mujica have no bank account and he has’t took loan from anyone.According to recent research in Mujica property,the expensive thing is his car whose price is 1945$.

According to Mujica,after completing duration of presidency,he want to passed his reaming life with his wife in his farm house.

According to new survey of transparency international,during the Mujica presidency corruption decrease remarkably.In north America,this country is at  second number in less corruption. 


Watch prove here:World’s poorest president Jose Mujica house and farm huse and living style